360 Camera: Is It Worth My Penny?

I would love your opinion on something. I want to know if it is worth it to buy a 360 camera. Seriously, I know that a lot of phases and fads come and go but this seems like it might be a real thing. I guess, as someone who’s engaged with digital media and digital content production, it’s hard to tell what phases and fed to latch onto and which to let pass, but it is beginning to me, to seem that this is not going to pass. People have been wanting virtual reality everything for a very long time.

The words virtual reality used to be the stuff of Science Fiction, and now it is coming to be everyday reality, where are devices that create and allow people to experience 360 photography, videography, and other virtual reality experiences are affordable and often in the hands of regular people. I didn’t know that this day would ever come, if you would have asked me I wouldn’t have bet on it that’s for sure, but now that it has, it’s hard to pass it off as something that won’t make a significant impact.

So, I guess what I’m wondering about, is if I should get in on this, or if this blog will be just as good without it. I think it’s a valuable question to ask. Not every single blog and website has to engage with this technology, but the worst thing too happen would be if this technology does really catch on, and become essential, and to be way behind the curve on it. Do you know what I mean? I don’t think that I’m being unreasonable by being curious about this. Even though this is not some crazy technology blog, I still think there is potential to implement new and interesting features.

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