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Hi, my loves!

Sometimes I like to think much about my future: my family, kids. I am quite busy woman and it’s hard to find time in my schedule for a family and kids, but I want to be ready, one day.  I’d like to get maximum benefits from this progressive digital area.  The way we live nowadays has changed completely. We can keep our photos, videos, and data in just one device. What about connecting a web camera to the phone? You don’t need to create an app and buy separate camera. Everything is already here, you just can buy it. So calm down and don’t think you have invented something just now. Of course, no. You haven’t.

I have to find a Wifi baby monitor and I did my own research, which could help me to find the best solution. As for me Comfort Cam is a champion in this competition. There are three factors that make a great nanny cam: video quality, ease of use and concealment. And, unfortunately, most cameras look great on paper, but when you start using them in person you face with different experience. To find how well ComfortCamera works I just bought it and tested. I have to admit this one is completely the same as in the picture, so I was happy that I didn’t buy a pig in a poke for more than hundred dollars. The camera streams directly to your smartphone and this is very comfortable. How it is connected? It is connected with Wife. Your video record every time and you can watch it later. You are also able to take photos. It has crystal clear sound and night vision.  I guess you don’t need to have any creative ideas, or ways where to fix your camera. As long as you see your baby from the screen, that’s fine. If I were you I would put it on the wardrobe, or in the corner. Then you will be able to see your child anytime, everywhere. This is really a fantastic staff. I guess you just should try it to use even if you don’t have kids, like me. I just imagine my mom could have the same camera when I was a kid. She was a business woman and of course busy all the times. Long trips and I was together with a nanny. If she could have a chance to watch me from the screen, being so far, she would be happier, but she missed the most significant moments in my life.

Well, I don’t want to cry now, I just use it for my future kids, as I mentioned in the beginning.

First of all you have to install “ComfortCam Pro” app. Don’t worry, it’s really simple. The app will walk you through the setup. And if you have some other questions you can find answers in FQA block of the site.

I decided to ComfortCam to my friend. I want to surprise her. She has a little baby and she’s torn between her duties and her desire to sleep. After now she would probably have more time. At least I hope so. I can understand her, she always feels nervous leaving a baby alone in the room. I am planning to write some other feedback together with her. It might be interesting for those people who have doubts about using ComfortCam.

I was really happy to test this amazing camera together with the app. I haven’t noticed any bugs, while I was using it. It means that it’s really high quality product and at the same time is not expensive. I feel myself happy as a kid!

I hope it was useful for you as well!

Bye for now!

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