Unforgettable BBQ Party

Hi guys! I am here again full of creating ideas and ready to give you some tips. Last week we had an amazing BBQ party. I missed the time when I just could relax without thinking so much, and spend some time with my friends. I am tired of city life and wanted to have some fun in our cottage house in the forest. Having some experience in the past, I remember how difficult it was to organize everything alone. So, this time I asked my husband and sister to help me with preparation and of course they accepted. We could manage to do it faster than I even planned. Well, let’s see how it was in the details.


Simple BBQ party can be transformed into a real holiday with the help of the unusual serving. I picked up the plates in the same style, such as the style of “Etno”. For cuts of meat and vegetables I used large pans. I prepared colorful paper towers in order to keep the guests’ hand clean For guests do not get your hands dirty, pack snacks in paper towels and then insert them into small buckets. My drinks looked cool in transparent bottles and decanters. I also ordered new Adirondack chairs. They are very convenient and look great with my decorations. Adirondack chairs are made from very strong material and waterproof. Unfortunately, the price is not so low, as I expected and I bought the most expensive model – POLYWOOD South Beach, but I ready to pay even more for a high quality product. You can also surprise your friend by showing off your perfect taste.


Can you imagine a BBQ party without delicious grilled meat? Well, even don’t try. So, it was very important to find out what my guests prefer to eat, and I decided to do a little questionnaire. All in all, I decided to prepare meat, and cook several types of it: pork, lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, as well as various types of sausages. I correctly calculate the amount. For example, one guest, needs 300-350g of meat. I didn’t forget to add different spices to my dishes, hot chili pepper and of course sauce. Homemade sauces always make the taste more intensive! So, please bear in my this important information.


To make my party unforgetable and not so boring, I hired a D.J  to provide entertainment during all day. Moreover, we played different games and I prepared special gifts for the winners.

To conclude, delicious food, beautiful decoration, lovely music, and comfortable could help make a good impression. It was so great to have such a wonderful time together with my friends! And you know what? I was really very tired, so that I simply have fallen asleep in my comfortable Adirondack chair.

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