Unforgettable BBQ Party

Hi guys! I am here again full of creating ideas and ready to give you some tips. Last week we had an amazing BBQ party. I missed the time when I just could relax without thinking so much, and spend some time with my friends. I am tired of city life and wanted to have some fun in our cottage house in the forest. Having some experience in the past, I remember how difficult it was to organize everything alone. So, this time I asked my husband and sister to help me with preparation and of course they accepted. We could manage to do it faster than I even planned. Well, let’s see how it was in the details.


Simple BBQ party can be transformed into a real holiday with the help of the unusual serving. I picked up the plates in the same style, such as the style of “Etno”. For cuts of meat and vegetables I used large pans. I prepared colorful paper towers in order to keep the guests’ hand clean For guests do not get your hands dirty, pack snacks in paper towels and then insert them into small buckets. My drinks looked cool in transparent bottles and decanters. I also ordered new Adirondack chairs. They are very convenient and look great with my decorations. Adirondack chairs are made from very strong material and waterproof. Unfortunately, the price is not so low, as I expected and I bought the most expensive model – POLYWOOD South Beach, but I ready to pay even more for a high quality product. You can also surprise your friend by showing off your perfect taste.


Can you imagine a BBQ party without delicious grilled meat? Well, even don’t try. So, it was very important to find out what my guests prefer to eat, and I decided to do a little questionnaire. All in all, I decided to prepare meat, and cook several types of it: pork, lamb, beef, turkey, chicken, as well as various types of sausages. I correctly calculate the amount. For example, one guest, needs 300-350g of meat. I didn’t forget to add different spices to my dishes, hot chili pepper and of course sauce. Homemade sauces always make the taste more intensive! So, please bear in my this important information.


To make my party unforgetable and not so boring, I hired a D.J  to provide entertainment during all day. Moreover, we played different games and I prepared special gifts for the winners.

To conclude, delicious food, beautiful decoration, lovely music, and comfortable could help make a good impression. It was so great to have such a wonderful time together with my friends! And you know what? I was really very tired, so that I simply have fallen asleep in my comfortable Adirondack chair.

Unu Motors Electric Scooter Review

Hello! It has been a few weeks since I last posted on my website and I am excited to share the latest updates of my life through this blog. Anyway, I just go back from The Netherlands after two weeks of spending time there with my cousins. We travelled from city to city and to different parts of the country.

But you know the amazing thing on our journey? It’s my new electric scooter. I got it from Unu Motors. My cousin Thea has one and she advised me to just purchase one myself instead if renting old scooters. Since my mother gave me extra money, I got to buy a brand new one which is really great.

I left my electric scooter to Thea’s house and I will definitely use it when ai got back there sometime in September.

So here’s my review of the electric scooter, or what they usually call as ‘elektrische scooter,’ I got.

No. 1, I love that it’s created for the purpose of helping in promoting environment care. I am down with this cause and I think I lot of people should also support these kinds of businesses.

No. 2, it is created too so we users can have more an alternative way of transportation that is not only easy on the pocket but is also very user friendly.

No. 3, I love how they offer a lot of options. Aside from the fact that one can purchase online, you can also choose from an array of product colours and accessories to suit your style.

Keep it up UNU motors!

Choosing the Best Present


When it comes to birthdays, I’m kind of the best. I always know exactly what to buy everybody that I love, and everybody is always thrilled to receive my gifts. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t face any anxiety when it comes to this part of life, in fact I think that it might mean the opposite. I think the fact that I care so much about what I buy people and upgrading extra stress for me. The math seems to check out, doesn’t it? Anyway, it always happens to me especially with my husband.

My husband is not particular, and he is always loved every single gift that I bought him. However, I can still tell when he really loves it, or when he is just content with it and grateful to have received it. It’s not that he’s bad about it, as a matter of fact he’s perfect, but I really want to get him to feel that genuine, huge feeling of joy that he does feel when I get him something that he truly loves. Obviously, that’s my goal as a wife, to fully please my husband in these ways. So, this year I decided to go all out. First, I went to Survival Cooking, a very trusted site that has a lot of reviews for all kinds of outdoor gear and Survival Products, and other such camping supplies, and then I went over t I think that my husband is always wanted something really nice to put on his wrist, but I don’t think that he is the kind of guy who would really admit to that, which is very Noble, but it makes me want to buy him one. So I did! And he was so happy.Sometimes, you’ve just gotta trust your gut when it comes to these things, and that’s all that  you need to do. You just need to know that you know your partner better than you know yourself, or that maybe even he knows himself… You see, I always get him this kind of outdoorsy stuff, and he loves it. Still, I wanted to do something different this year, so I decided to go to a site that had a lot of the  best watches under 500. He knows you that well too.





My Magic Camera

Hi, my loves!

Sometimes I like to think much about my future: my family, kids. I am quite busy woman and it’s hard to find time in my schedule for a family and kids, but I want to be ready, one day.  I’d like to get maximum benefits from this progressive digital area.  The way we live nowadays has changed completely. We can keep our photos, videos, and data in just one device. What about connecting a web camera to the phone? You don’t need to create an app and buy separate camera. Everything is already here, you just can buy it. So calm down and don’t think you have invented something just now. Of course, no. You haven’t.

I have to find a Wifi baby monitor and I did my own research, which could help me to find the best solution. As for me Comfort Cam is a champion in this competition. There are three factors that make a great nanny cam: video quality, ease of use and concealment. And, unfortunately, most cameras look great on paper, but when you start using them in person you face with different experience. To find how well ComfortCamera works I just bought it and tested. I have to admit this one is completely the same as in the picture, so I was happy that I didn’t buy a pig in a poke for more than hundred dollars. The camera streams directly to your smartphone and this is very comfortable. How it is connected? It is connected with Wife. Your video record every time and you can watch it later. You are also able to take photos. It has crystal clear sound and night vision.  I guess you don’t need to have any creative ideas, or ways where to fix your camera. As long as you see your baby from the screen, that’s fine. If I were you I would put it on the wardrobe, or in the corner. Then you will be able to see your child anytime, everywhere. This is really a fantastic staff. I guess you just should try it to use even if you don’t have kids, like me. I just imagine my mom could have the same camera when I was a kid. She was a business woman and of course busy all the times. Long trips and I was together with a nanny. If she could have a chance to watch me from the screen, being so far, she would be happier, but she missed the most significant moments in my life.

Well, I don’t want to cry now, I just use it for my future kids, as I mentioned in the beginning.

First of all you have to install “ComfortCam Pro” app. Don’t worry, it’s really simple. The app will walk you through the setup. And if you have some other questions you can find answers in FQA block of the site.

I decided to ComfortCam to my friend. I want to surprise her. She has a little baby and she’s torn between her duties and her desire to sleep. After now she would probably have more time. At least I hope so. I can understand her, she always feels nervous leaving a baby alone in the room. I am planning to write some other feedback together with her. It might be interesting for those people who have doubts about using ComfortCam.

I was really happy to test this amazing camera together with the app. I haven’t noticed any bugs, while I was using it. It means that it’s really high quality product and at the same time is not expensive. I feel myself happy as a kid!

I hope it was useful for you as well!

Bye for now!

360 Camera: Is It Worth My Penny?

I would love your opinion on something. I want to know if it is worth it to buy a 360 camera. Seriously, I know that a lot of phases and fads come and go but this seems like it might be a real thing. I guess, as someone who’s engaged with digital media and digital content production, it’s hard to tell what phases and fed to latch onto and which to let pass, but it is beginning to me, to seem that this is not going to pass. People have been wanting virtual reality everything for a very long time.

The words virtual reality used to be the stuff of Science Fiction, and now it is coming to be everyday reality, where are devices that create and allow people to experience 360 photography, videography, and other virtual reality experiences are affordable and often in the hands of regular people. I didn’t know that this day would ever come, if you would have asked me I wouldn’t have bet on it that’s for sure, but now that it has, it’s hard to pass it off as something that won’t make a significant impact.

So, I guess what I’m wondering about, is if I should get in on this, or if this blog will be just as good without it. I think it’s a valuable question to ask. Not every single blog and website has to engage with this technology, but the worst thing too happen would be if this technology does really catch on, and become essential, and to be way behind the curve on it. Do you know what I mean? I don’t think that I’m being unreasonable by being curious about this. Even though this is not some crazy technology blog, I still think there is potential to implement new and interesting features.

Real Estate Marketing is a Lot Like Healthy Eating

Healthy eating can be associated with many things. It can be associated with going to the gym. You have to have to discipline so you can get the type of body result you want. It can also be similar to finishing a project. You need to constantly be beating the timeline to meet a deadline. Just like in eating, you need to eat the right amount and right kind of food at the right time to achieve greater results.

The latest learning I find out about health living is that it is a lot like running a business. For example, eating healthy is like executing a the right real estate marketing strategy.  A real estate marketer is one who is disciplined and hardworking. He needs to constantly be in the know about the industry—from the latest high-rise condominiums, newly opened townhouses, buildings that are for sale and on lease, and other establishments. He has to do his homework of constant research, networking to people—big wigs or even ordinary ones—and scout for potential clients.

Aside from that, he needs to know what his clients are up to. Where do they belong? Are they members of organizations? Are they new in the neighborhood or are they seeking for a retirement home? He has to research, ask a lot of questions, and be mindful of their answers. One surefire way of sticking into the mind of clients—whether they are old or new ones—is through getting personal. Ask about their family members, ask about their previous experiences, or even their dream summer vacation. Let them know you care for their lives and not just about the fact that you are after money.

In short, a real estate marketing professional needs to know everything so he can achieve greater results in his business. For him to get clients, he needs to go deeper than the usual client relations officer does. However, bear in mind that these must all come straight from the heart and not just for a show.

Just like in healthy living, it is not just about hitting the gym or eating healthy. You should also know how to compute for calorie content, what exercise to do for certain body parts like the tummy area or the biceps and triceps. He has to research on latest fitness trends, and check out diet plans. Reading is key to more knowledge. Read fitness magazines, join health forums on social media and interact with other fitness enthusiasts. Better yet, join fitness camps. A lot of camps are being organized every week. Be dedicated to it and own your goal with all your heart.

He should also stick with his plan, just like what a real estate marketing professional is. He sticks to his brand, be an expert in his field, and gain clients in no time.

Truly, if you want to achieve something, discipline and hardwork are a must for a person to succeed. Not just in healthy living. Not just in real estate marketing, but in life in general.

Amazing Real Estate Investments in Vancouver

A So, I have this strange hobby I picked up, which is been learning about Investments. My partner and I have been thinking a lot about investing, and since I have a little bit of extra time on my hands, I’ve decided that instead of just blogging all the time, I can maybe start doing some research. We thought about investing in stocks, all sorts of stocks, properties, both vacation and rental, and have looked into markets all over Canada and the USA since our marriage allows us to do so.

I have to say, that when I started looking at the statistics for the Vancouver housing market, I thought that there were some kind of mistakes being made. Like, I thought that maybe the data that I was reading was adding an extra zero maybe just from some bogus April Fool’s type source. No, there is no April Fool’s involved in this situation, unless maybe somebody convince do not invested Vancouver property 10 years ago. Right now, Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world. In all the ways.

It’s very competitive, as Canadians don’t have that many Metropolitan centers to flock to. People on the east coast of the United States can you go to New York, Newark, Philadelphia, all sorts of places like that, you know, Boston and Washington DC, Pittsburgh all those East Coast Capital’s, Canadiens only have two real major cities and their entire country when it comes to going somewhere to achieve big things in an urban setting:  Vancouver and Toronto. It seems that foreign investors have figured this out, because many of the most important expensive properties in the city of Vancouver are owned by people in countries like China.

I contacted a Vancouver Realtor, a really nice guy, and he told me about Burnaby condos for sale, for example and how the market for those has fluctuated over the years. This is a really understandable context for me because I understand condos, so I did ask if you would put it in that kind of context. When I asked him if it was advisable to invest, he did not try to lie to me or anything like that, but he did make a pretty convincing argument although acknowledging the risk attached to the investment. I don’t have the money to invest in a piece of Vancouver real estate right now. It would definitely be an interesting Journey if you did though. It is also interesting to note about some Coal Harbour Condos for sale another realtor also mentioned which also piqued my interest. I will definitely go check both.

How App Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

Some say that marketing is easy. You just need a product and then sell it to potential buyers. Bur really, marketing is not a walk in the park. It is not something you can do overnight. In fact, many spend years in school, and even after college, practicing how an effective marketing works.

In this age of digital world, marketing products get a little complex what with the sprouting innovation and a large pool of competitors who have their own unique style of selling.

In this digital world, a lot has invested time, money, and resources to web products so they can have a wider reach. For example, a company invests in creating a website for their products and their services so they can have more clients to get and have excellent customer service right at their finger tips. They hire a good website builder for this. They invest on SEO services and other digital strategies. They hire SEO specialists for this matter.

While the advent of websites sprouted, the development of apps also emerged in the past years, making marketing easier.

Apps are helpful in one’s life. It gives comfort and conveniences to the users.

But websites and apps need also to be marketed. And it is on a whole new level.

For example, companies should also focus on website and app marketing. This different platforms come with different approach.

In apps, many companies need to focus on app store optimization so they can reach a wider audiences through easier and more convenient downloads in the app store.

Finding Adorable Snap Shots In The Web

By the title of this article you can probably tell that this is going to be different than most of my other posts. If not, maybe this is your first time reading on my site, or maybe you just don’t have very strong reading comprehension skills. However, if you are not a reader, I wonder how you would have found my blog? Maybe one of my Advertiser friends gave me a free marketing gimmick that tricked you. If that’s the case, please, stick around, things are about to get very very interesting. Maybe not in this article, but the next one. Actually, I think this is a pretty good article. This article deals with stock photography, and how annoying it is to find good photos to match your articles online, and how I finally found a website that solves this problem in a totally great way.

Are you interested? If not, something really interesting happens at the end but for now it’s a secret.

Now I’ve got you.

Anyway, basically what I’m suggesting is this new site I found that is the first-ever excellent collection of stock photography online. Stock photography often ends up being similar to what elevator music is to music. It takes all of the art out of a thing, and boils down to its most boring, basic, and somehow commercially viable core.

So, as someone who cares about things like quality and originality, I must say that dealing with stock photography has literally been a nightmare. Literally. Several nightmares have involved riding the world’s best article and having to attach some mediocre picture of a child on a swing or somebody jumping over a gap between cliffs.

EyeEm is, relatively, the Holy Grail of Stock Photography. I advise you to go there if you need stock photos, and not even consider going anywhere else. I’m not being paid by this company, I’m seriously telling you it is that much better than its Alternatives, and I would know, I have been doing this for years, and I am severely critical of almost all things.

For your own good, and the good of the internet, check it out.


I’m getting ready to focus on intermittent fasting here at my blog during the month of August, and one of the things I’ll be touching on is meal frequency/timing. However, after reading this post from A Lady Goes West, I wanted to start a bit early and talk about breakfast and more specifically-the myth that you ‘must’ eat in the morning.

Rewind to 2012, back when I was overweight and a pre-diabetic. I followed the typical American meal schedule and always started my morning with breakfast. And I was ALWAYS hungry soon afterwards, which meant I ate a mid-morning snack (or two). And a large lunch. And a mid-afternoon snack. And a large supper. And then the night time snacking started at around 8pm and went strong until around 10pm, when I went to bed several hundred calories over my maintenance range. That eating schedule led to my weight gain and my worsening health.

When I started my active weight loss phase I knew I had to change things up, and after doing an IF protocol for several months I figured it out. Eating in the morning triggered hunger for me. If I ate in the morning I ate more throughout the day, without fail. However, if I didn’t eat in the morning I could easily go until 11am, noon or even later in the day without being hungry. Seriously-NO hunger. And I found myself less hungry throughout the rest of the day when I started eating later. When you’re trying to lose weight hunger is a big factor, so I stopped eating in the morning. It’s a habit I’ve since carried into maintenance and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve had such an easy time of it so far. I’ll go into this more over the next few weeks but for me, cutting out morning eating has led to a much better handle on my hunger.


But what about the conventional wisdom which states breakfast is the most important meal of the day? That it ‘jump starts’ your metabolism? That if you don’t eat breakfast your weight loss will stall? And what about the experts who say eating breakfast is a ‘must’?

For all of the research out there that says eating in the morning is important, there’s just as much out there that says the idea of having to eat in the morning is utter hogwash. Just hang out with the IF crowd for a while and you’ll hear story after story of people who started having success after they stopped eating in the morning. And it’s not just an IF thing either. More and more people are moving away from the idea that you have to eat breakfast. Start a post on My Fitness Pal about how eating breakfast is a ‘must’ and just see what happens (I double dare you). Also, if you read through some of the breakfast threads over on MFP you’ll notice that many of the people who don’t bother with eating in the morning are really successful at this whole thing.

While experts can spout off all sorts of things as the correct way to do something, I’m much more interested in real life experiences, especially my own. I’ve learned so much about how my body works these past few years and I have a very good idea of what works for me and what doesn’t. When I read a group of experts saying you ‘must’ eat breakfast every single day I have to roll my eyes a bit. Been there, done that and nothing magical happened when I ate in the morning, except it made me hungrier which led to the over-consumption of calories.

Meal timing and meal frequency is a preference thing, nothing more and nothing less. Some disagree strongly with this, but I’m proof that eating in the morning isn’t necessary for weight loss or for better health. And Martin Berkhan backs me up, with a lot of sciency stuff, if you want to read more about why eating in the morning causes some people to be hungrier throughout the day.

While I’m not a fan of eating in the morning for myself personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing for others to do if that’s what works for them. One thing you’ll see over and over again on my blog is that you have to find what works best for you and then go with it. Just realize that there’s nothing wrong with going against what the mainstream says is the right way, or what the ‘experts’ say you must do. Figure out you, and let the rest fade into the background!