I’ve been maintaining an almost 60lb loss for around two years now. Here’s my maintenance plan (I occasionally adjust, as needed)-

  • I have a 5lb maintenance window (120lbs-125lbs)
  • I do daily, morning weigh-ins which I record on a phone app
  • I follow serving size recommendations
  • I frequently use a food scale to weigh out portion sizes
  • I do 16:8IF, and I have an eating window of 8 hours a day
  • I spot check calorie and macros intakes
  • I eat when hungry, stop when I’m not anymore
  • I eat less calories during the week and higher calories during the weekend
  • I check restaurant’s websites before going out to eat, and pre-plan what I’m going to order
  • I’m mindful of what I eat, but I don’t obsess about it

Most importantly-I eat ALL the foods that I like, with a focus on moderation and balance!