Hello, my name is Sara and I used to be fat. 
And I didn’t care.
Truly, honestly did.not.care.

I had three pregnancies close together, and after my son was born the weight just started adding up. It didn’t bother me though, many of my friends and family were overweight and I thought that was the norm after you had kids.

I was content to continue gaining weight, and I didn’t give the whole thing much thought. Then I had some unexpected blood work done in September of 2012, and my glucose number came back really high. So high that my doctor called me and told me to go in for a oral glucose tolerance test the very next day. He also told me to prepare for the news that I may very well be a Type 2 diabetic.


Suddenly I cared a whole lot.

Thankfully the test came back showing that my glucose number was in the pre-diabetic range. My doctor told me I was on the path towards Type 2, but I might be able to stabilize my glucose number by losing weight.

I had never dieted before in my life. But the day I got my test results back, I made a decision to lose weight, and see if I could improve my health.

What followed was a journey that I never expected to be on, one that taught me a lot about myself, and one that has changed my life in more ways than one.

Now in 2015, I’m almost 60lb weight lighter and I have fasting glucose numbers in the 80s.

So what did I do? I’ll share more about my story as my blog progresses but in a nutshell-Calories In, Calories Out. Yep, it really is about the calories.

I’ve now been in maintenance for two years, and I’m part of the very small percentage of people who are actually succeeding at this whole thing. It’s an amazing place to be at, and hopefully my own experience will help someone else out there who may be facing their own weight crisis.

I’m not a doctor, a dietician or a nutritionist. I am someone who used to be overweight and sick. I’m not that person anymore, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!